Wrongful Termination

What is Wrongful Termination in California?

A wrongful termination (or wrongful discharge) of an employee in California occurs when a person is fired for an illegal reason, such as a discriminatory reason (on the basis of race, sex, pregnancy, disability, religion, etc.) or a retaliatory reason, or another reason that is in violation of public policy. If you are an employee who was wrongfully terminated in California, you have rights. Among those rights is the right to file a civil action against your employer and recover money compensation for your lost wages and emotional distress. In some cases, employee can get punitive damages that punish and make an example out of the employer, as well as the employee’s attorney’s fees for bringing the lawsuit.

If you were wrongfully terminated or have been a victim of other employment violations in Los Angeles, DBY Law will be a strong and aggressive advocate for you. When the attorney takes your case, he will work hard to get all the facts and achieve the best results possible. By taking action and standing up for employees’ rights, we are sending a message to employers that employment violations will not be tolerated in California and they will have to pay for their illegal practice.

What is a Constructive Termination in California?

Constructive termination (or discharge) in California means that an employee can still file a lawsuit against his/her employer for wrongful termination even when the employee was not actually terminated or fired – when the employee quits or resigns. This happens when the employer’s actions essentially force the employee to resign by leaving the employee no choice but to quit his/her job.

If you have been wrongly terminated or were forced to quit for a discriminatory, retaliatory, or any other illegal reason, DBY Law will work aggressively towards finding all the facts and achieving the best results possible to get you what you deserve. Employees who are victims of wrongful termination in California could face devastating consequences and therefore need a strong voice to represent them. Let DBY Law help you get justice and money compensation for what you deserve. Call the firm today at (213) 316-8844 for a free consultation.