Properly Terminating a Month-to-Moth Lease or Rental

If the lease agreement has ended, or if the rental is month-to-month, either the landlord or the tenant could end the tenancyby giving the other a 30-day advance written notice. The time for the notice varies depending on how often rent is paid. For example, if rent is due every week, only a 7-day advance written notice is needed. However, for the landlord terminate a rental that a tenant has been living in for over a year, the required notice is 60-days.On the other hand, if the lease agreement specifies a different amount of notice (not 30 days), the tenant must give the landlord notice according to what the lease says.

When a tenant intends to move out and gives a written 30 days notice, he/she should:

  • Date the notice
  • State the date that he/she is intending on moving out
  • State the mailing address he/she you want the security deposit sent to
  • Request an initial inspection of the rental property
  • Sign the notice and keep a copy
  • Personally give the notice to the landlord or property manager, or alternatively send it by certified or registered mail with return receipt requested.

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