Minimum Wage Violations

An employee working in California is entitled to be paid the minimum wage, even if he/she is undocumented or an illegal immigrant. Because our Constitution provides certain basic human rights that allow people to earn a living respectfully, employees are protected regardless of their immigration status. Employers cannot retaliate, threaten, or fire illegal immigrants, or other employees, for complaining or for filing a lawsuit. Finally, minimum wage laws are non-waivable and the employer cannot make the employee give it up, even through a contract (such contracts are void).

What is the Minimum Wage in California?  

The minimum wage in the state of California is $9.00 per hour, and effective January 1, 2016, the minimum wage will increase to $10.00 per hour. In the the United States the minimum wage  is $7.25 per hour.

It is illegal in California for an employer not to to pay an employee at least the minimum wage, and this practice could subject the employer to civil penalties and liquidated damages in the amount of unpaid wages, plus interest. If you are not being paid the minimum wage, or were not being paid the proper minimum wage in the past (up to 3 years), you may be able to recover back-pay from your employer and get the money compensation that you worked for and that you deserve. DBY Law will work quickly and aggressively to help you face your employer and get what you deserve by law. Call the firm today at (213) 316-8844 for a free consultation.