Age Discrimination

Employers in California often discriminate against older employees (40+) by firing, suspending, or demoting them (or other discrimination in salary and benefits), because they want younger and cheaper employees. It is very sad to see employers disposing of senior and loyal employees because of their age. This is an illegal practice that the discriminating employers can be sued for by their employees. In order to prove age discrimination in California an employee (plaintiff) must show:

  1. at the time of the adverse action (firing, demotion, etc.) he/she was 40 or older
  2. an adverse employment action was taken against the employee
  3. the employee was satisfactorily performing his/her job at the time of the adverse action
  4. the employee has suffered unlawful discrimination (such as being replaced by a significantly younger person)

Anything said by a manager or a supervisor can be used as evidence of age discrimination against the employer. Even name-calling (such as “old timer” or “grandpa”) or general statements about age not directed towards a particular employee could also be used as evidence for age discrimination.

If you have been discriminated against because you are 40 years old or older, you can file a civil lawsuit against your employer and get money compensation. DBY Law will work aggressively towards finding all the facts and achieving the best results possible to get you what you deserve. Age discrimination in California happens all the time, and you should not be another victim. Let us help you get justice and money compensation for your employer’s discrimination. Call the firm at (213) 316-8844 today for a free consultation.